This pack of 3 layer face covers are perfect for use as assurance from airborne poisons or allergens. 3 ply face covers additionally help shield everyone around you from hacks, and sniffles. Each veil is made with non woven textures intended for comfort, including ear circles intended to take out weight on the external ear. Cover should fit most grown-ups and kids, and is appropriate for use when getting things done or visiting open regions, for example, markets, drug stores, stops, and post workplaces. These are not emergency clinic or clinical evaluation covers and are just proposed for purchaser use.



Expendable Face Mask:

Great for day by day assurance from allergens, and airborne contaminations helping you inhale simpler while additionally shielding others from your hacks and sniffles.

3 Layes Construction:

These face covers are made of an external layer of non woven texture, a center layer made of a channel texture, and an internal layer made of a delicate, skin delicate facial tissue. Liquid safe, not at all like material covers, to give insurance against huge beads or showers of natural liquids.

Fit Design:

Comfortable extra delicate flexible ear circles with non woven skin-accommodating filaments are intended to dispose of strain to the external ear.

One Size Fits Most:

Disposable face veil easily fits most grown-ups and youngsters, an incredible thing to have inside any family unit emergency treatment pack.


Ideal for utilize getting things done or visiting open territories, for example, supermarkets, drug stores, parks, post workplaces, and that's only the tip of the iceberg - where social separating measures are hard to keep up.


Material: Non Woven PP, Layer 1/2/3: 28/22/23 g/m2 each          

Size: 17.5 x 9.5 cm

Standard Implementation: GB 15979-2002 / EN14683

Test Report: Yes

White Label Available: Yes

Certificate: FDA, CE, ISO

Packing: 50 pieces/box – 40 box/case – case/2.000 pieces

Case Dimensions: 52 x 38 x 30 cm

Case Weight: 7.5 Kg

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