Safety Face Shield 2 Pack, All-Round Protection Cap with Clear Wide Visor Spitting Anti-Fog Lens, Lightweight Transparent Shield with Adjustable Elastic Band for Men Women.


Clear Face:
Shield visor can be easily cleaned with water or disinfectant. Ultimate sun protection, scratch resistance, blocking more than 98% of harmful dust.H
High-density polyethylene casing:
Which prevents chemicals, saliva droplets, and paints from splashing into your eyes and your face is protected well.
Safe and comfortable:
The full face protective cap provides more all-round coverage and protects the face from saliva flying into the air.
Plastic face shield:
Has a fully adjustable head harness that moves up and down easily and fits comfortably with most goggles and respirators.
Extremely lightweight: 
Can be used in various situations, such as laboratory work, woodworking, mowing, gardening, drilling, sanding, welding, outdoor sports.


Material: HD polyethylene terephthalate

Color: Transparent

Size: 32 x 22 cm

Certificate: FDA, CE, ISO

Size: Standard

White Label Available: Yes

Packing: 1 piece/bag – 200 bags/case – case/200 pieces

Case Dimensions: 68 x 39 x 39 cm

Case Weight: 11 Kg

Case Dimensions: 50 x 47 x 39 cm

Case Weight: 19.0 Kg

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