Thermometry and Disinfection Gate TT18 is suitable for public health prevention and monitoring. It uses disinfectant spray to sterilize the human body, pet, cargo, and luggage. Meanwhile, it performs the non-contact detection which can intuitively and accurately determine the abnormal temperature. The machine is equipped with optional accessories such as casters and ramps, which can be used in various scenarios, facilitating prompt movement and mobility in deployment. Non-contact and automatic control design effectively avoid cross-infection. It reduces the workload of security personnel and greatly reduces the exposure risk of high-frequency contact personnel.


Temperature Measurement, Sound and Light Alarm:

Using industrial sensors achieve a prompt and reliable non-contact temperature measurement. It collects temperature data in real-time when the temperature is higher than the set one, the buzzer will alarm.

Food Grade Disinfectant to Ensure Human Health andSafety:

The disinfectant uses production water that meets pharmacopeia standards and food-grade raw materials. It has been strictly tested by a third-party testing agency. It is non-irritating to eyes, skin, and damaged skin. It is non-toxic to mouth either. It is safe and reliable after use. In short, this is a safe and reliable rinse-free disinfectant. It can effectively kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida Albicans, Aspergillus Niger, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, Legionella, Influenza virus, HPV virus, Herpes virus, and other pathogenic microorganisms.

Hand Atomization and DisinfectionMachine:

The temperature measurement area is installed with an induction hand washing machine which will spray atomized disinfectant. The Non-contact induction spray is safe and hygienic.

Comprehensive Disinfection Area:

There are mist outlet channels on both sides of the disinfection area to keep the area full of disinfectant mist and disinfect the human body in all directions.

Foldable AuxiliaryChannel:

There are auxiliary access ramps at the entrance and exit of the equipment, which is convenient for people to enter. The ramp is foldable, which is convenient for movement and storage.

Channel Lighting Function:

The equipment has fully considered the use scene, and the channel is equipped with LED lighting function, which is convenient for use at night or in a dim environment.


The equipment has two sets of universal castors with brakes and two sets of directional casters with brakes. The auxiliary slopes on both sides are foldable, which can be quickly arranged and stored. The castor uses the nylon material to adapt to various road conditions.

Easy toInstall:

The equipment uses 220V AC power, and the power consumption is less than 500W. It only needs to be plugged in and filled with disinfectant, no professional installation and commissioning are required. The operation is also very simple, easy to learn and operate.

Additionally, the disinfectant is convenient for filling and emptying.

Voice BroadcastFunction:

The device is designed with a voice speaker, which can make the real-time broadcast of temperature.




Model: TT18

Temperature Sensing Method: Spectrum

Disinfection Method: Hands and foot disinfection & Automatic body induction spray

Size: L1200*W600*H2150 MM

Spectral Range: 8-14μm

Hand Disinfection Method: Automatic induction hand sanitizer

Disinfection Aisle Width: 700MM

Temperature Collection Distance: 2cm

Foot Disinfection Method: Disinfection carpet

Main Material: Galvanized steel and stainless-steel

Temperature Collection Sites: Forehead/Wrist

Mist Creating Method: Ultrasonic atomization

Operating voltage: 110V/220V

Temperature Collection Accuracy: ±0.3°C

Spray Control Method: Human induction, duration is 10s-20s

Rated Power: 400W

Temperature Detection Duration: 1s

Atomization Volume: Maximum 7L per hour Standard 4L per hour

Applicable Environment: Indoor

Temperature Collection Range: 30-40°C

Disinfection Range: Whole body disinfection

Accessories: Disinfectant/Disinfection carpet /Hand sanitizer

Temperature Display Panel: 6.8 inch four-digit digital tube

Disinfection Duration: 5s-20s

Body Induction: Microwave detection

Temperature Detection Output: Green flash light & prompt tone for normal temperature Red flash light & warning tone for abnormal temperature

Disinfectant Type: Hypochlorous acid diluted solution (Food grade) (Cannot be alcohol, or Sodium hypochlorite diluent)

Body Temperature Sensing Method: Infrared spectrum

Atomization container capacity: 20L


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